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I LOVE NCO YISHAN. AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA. NO. I don’t care if she comes into this page.and see this. She doesn’t knows who I am. Hahahaha. IT COULD BE ANY ONE OF US. AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA I LOVE YOU NCO YISHAN. BUT YOU DON’T LOVE ME BACK. I’M HEARTBROKEN. WAHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHA. :’( I’m going to cry. #ForeverinlovewithNCOYishan

So because of this. We lost trust in each other. We start bitching about our platoonmates. Ok, I know no one is going to see this or anything but I just wanna say. Nobody cares about each other. Yeah. Why can’t we trust our platoonmates. And be innocent for once. And we formed cliques.
Is not about being in a platoon. Is about being with the.people you like. And when we have to run from place to place, we don’t care about whose lagging behind. Is always about. ME ME ME. As long as I’m not kidnapped can liao. Yeah. Think about the consequences. Nobody ever looks behind to find out whose there. The lance corporals always do it. I’m not saying I’m perfect. I’m imperfect too. I’m sorry for bitching about own platoonmates. In fact, I’m also sorry for a lot of things. Sometimes, the innocent people are the best. So for once let’s all be childish and innocent to each other for once and forget about grudges. And I know I’m always posting stuff like that. But you guys are everything to me. I can’t see you guys fall apart just like this…

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